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Hope you like my writing its mostly love story and depresing stuff mostly pulled out of books and movies mixed with some personal experience.

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Sitting in the corner

April 21, 2021


I'm not gonna just sit in the corner while you hurt yourself, make yourself more depressed, or push more people away. I want to help but the one thing I'm not gonna help you with is help make your life worse and a living hell. Talk to me when you are ready to feel better cause right now what you're doing is not called living. When you look back on your life and all you were was depressed and made yourself feel worse you're gonna regret that life so what I'm gonna do is get help talk to my friends talk to my therapist so I can get better, even Macy was nice to me when I talked to her last night so if what you want to do is just be in your room and just feel worse then count me out but if you do want to get better then I'll be there because this is not healthy and I'm gonna take a page from Zoe's book and just focus on me cause it'll make me worse if all you do is this when you're around me I'm not gonna put up with this so I'll leave until you're ready for help because I'm not giving up hope on you not giving up hope that one day you'll want to get better and want to get better 
God life is hard hope y'all's lives are going better than mine 


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  • serein

    i stand with Twinkling Lights.

    27 days ago
  • Kasilee

    I have a friend going through something similar right now. Lots of love <3 I'm here if u need anything!

    27 days ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    i know im a random person on the internet
    but im here for you <3

    27 days ago