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•playing defense for soccer•
•obsessed with watching football•
•800 runner for track•
•hoping to go to university of georgia•
•a wannabe maria taylor•
•hopeless romantic•
•falling for someone i have no chance with•

Message from Writer

hi! thanks for checking out my writing! if you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you’ll love my writing, because almost all of it is about my crush, haha!

thank you guys *so* much for 50+ followers, it means so much to me!

also, check out deep_breaths, who’s an *amazing* writer and my irl best friend!

some quotes i love...

"can’t you see the way her face lights up when she talks to you?"

"“so what if i’m wandless? i’ll punch you right in the bloody nose! OH WAIT!” - james potter’s last words, probably."

"work so hard that one day your signature becomes an autograph."

"i like you because you’re weird like me."

if i had a chance, it's gone now

April 21, 2021


it's tearing me apart.
the two of them together.
laughing with each other.
inside jokes only they understand.
the second she needs help with a project, he's there.
if he gets an excuse to, he touches her hand.
he lets her hand rest on his shoulder, when she's saying goodbye.
as soon as he's done with his work, he goes over to talk to her.
they sit at lunch together, two at a table fit for four.
even if he did have feelings for me, he's going to high school next year.
he'll forget about me.
i'm out of the picture.
he's chosen her.


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