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When my Eyes Become an Enemy to myself...

April 21, 2021

When the world has lost its colour and my stomach could not be fuller.
Blind me.

Blind me so I would be able to feel 
With heightened senses and foreign fingertips
Let me run them in the hairs of my lover yet see him as a stranger
Let my open palm rest on the dip of my chest 
Let it rise and fall with my heart, seeing in its desperation life unveiled

Blind me so that I would not only greet the world with a searing touch
But so that the needs of its people would reach past my tips and into my soul.
Let their concerns grip me. Ground me to my humanity so that death cannot take me.
As his bride. No, I wish to remain on the side of empathy.
The day I lose sight of my fathers bearing back, of my mothers cradled figure of my sisters tear locked eyes, of my brothers wheezing breath, eyes will not help me see
For blindness in eyes costs less lives than blindness to pain.

So If one day the sight of a man on the street is not enough to raise me from my chair
Then strip of me of my sight and leave me reliant on prayers
Humble me. So I may see.
If one day tears do not rouse me, allow me to hold a finger under their eye and hold the weight of their cries.
If one day I forget all of my fathers words and my mother says she has not heard,
From Me the daughter she raised and praised, corrected but never perfected 
Take my sight for I am already blind.
If the sight of struggle does not force my hand open.
Lay my hand open on a woman's pregnant belly allow me to feel the beat of promise
So I may know what grief I cause when my greed causes it to still.
Blind me. So I may see.
Each struggle as deeply as they are to be.
When my eyes become an enemy to myself. 


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