April 21, 2021


    The time we spent together
It felt like there would be no stormy weather
And the times we spent apart, 
It pierced me to the heart
I stopped my life for you
But… you shot me through and through
I found out it was a lie
Without any feelings, you left me to die
I stood on cheat and fraud?
You left me to think... am I flawed? 
I thought we were real… odd 
Without a second thought, you left 
Left your friends bereft 
Left, stealing hearts… theft 
Why so I care?
Because you said for me... “I will be there” 
Forever and always… 
Now... hallow whispers in the hallways 
Yet. you tell me to move on? 
What am I to you... a pawn? 
Well, the past is the past, so I will walk into the new dawn
After all this, you ask me for forgiveness
I need someone to bear witness 
You will be the first I will never forgive 
Now go... you lost soul, and live 
I can’t believe for you I waited
You come back, I anticipated 
But what a mess you have created
You think we can create new times? 
GO to tarturas, and repent for your crimes 
With a heavy heart I say... get out of my life 
With you... I have been through enough heartbreak and strife. 


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  • April 21, 2021 - 2:57am (Now Viewing)

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