Juliette Blais


I Am From

April 20, 2021

I am from Christmas full bellies, presents, and Christmas hats 
From Le Reveillion: Mozza sticks, perogies, and spring rolls 
From bonjour and au revoir, to chien, and petite 
From humid air, airport shopping, swaying palm trees, and sandy beaches 
And from seasoned, fall-off-the-bone ribs each year in a Saskatchewan kitchen 
I am from surfing the big wake, floating at Kinsmen, and ice-cold marina popsicles. 

I am from a red and white maple leaf flag  
From a maple tasting waterfall to sweeten up breakfast 
From powdery white cold snowflakes (for longer than we might like)
From rocks that stretch to the galaxy, touching the stars 
And from red, seasoned, crunchy chips 
I am from Canada “the land of the free.”

I am from rows of houses and miles of pathways
From the nosey old neighbour, who drives us crazy
From a park where joyous dogs bounce and play   
From soaring swings, and slippery slides 
And from “My Favourite”… grape float, cream soda, and mango sorbet
I am from a nice walk down to the river on a hot summer day.

I am from a little “hobbit house” we call home 
From two barking, tail wagging, slobbery greetings
From a fireplace always on 
From cringy dad jokes 
And from nights binging a blood-spatter analyst and serial killer 
I am from my parents who give a warm hug when I need one. 

I will be from scaley snake to wrap around my hand 
From a star player in AA ringette 
From no covid, no masks, 2 inches away, and dining out 
From solving crimes and analyzing blood 
And from ziplining on a hot day through a rainforest with monkeys
I will be from a life my heart desires - a life full of the unknowns.




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1 Comment
  • aalawrites

    This poem is amazing! It's clear how much you love your country! I feel the same way about mine (Australia). Nice work :)

    17 days ago