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I live in Bangor CA. Ever heard of it? Nope. I live on a farm with my twin sister and mother. My favorite books are Upstream by Mary Oliver, Educated by Tara Westover, and How to Write an Autobiographical Novel by Alexander Chee. My favorite authors are Mary Oliver, Jorrie Graham, and Roxanne Gay.

Never Quite Making It

April 20, 2021

In the past 12 months, our country has been torn
 strangled, stifled, gasping,
gagging, screaming, 
 Hospitals full,
Nurses running
faces bruised,
and bloodied
covered by masks. 

Grandparents dying,
people denying,
reality, crying
for change.
 we may lose these battles
but we will win this war
We will survive.

We will try to go on
If not forward, then not backward. 
Running in place, racing a race that you can't win
someone is missing, but we won't lose.
Surviving like animals
Grabbing and stealing,
Then taking, 
never quite ,
making it.

 We forget and remember.
We come too close to home 
and we run,
We can't escape, 
in our dreams,
we are infected by the plague 

in crowded rooms that we are trapped in,
in our brains.
people not sane;

someone was screaming at the woman in the local shop 
 Refused to mask, so they attacked
 animals angry and caged,
afraid and enraged, rabid for something, someone to change
for the better.

 Hungry for a commiseration, longing for community, hunting for a common enemy,
pouncing on deniers, claiming we are all
Starting fires,
Pushing the mislead away
Making them pay, 
Throwing them into the fray
climbing to the top of the pack,

Never looking back,
keeping track of
 Every second we are surviving, not living but not dying
politics through the glass roof, 
we have a woman in office making the change we need,
but is it enough to stop
the constant greed?
The grey and stabbing bright sky of our time
Shielding our eyes.
A third of us grieving someone lost to the overwhelming stampede of
desperation overthrows deliberation,
 clarity seeks into the seams of our nation,  


And suddenly we make mistakes,
the cracks
of our brains,
 we are Like a thousand butterflies 
we change,
 migrating towards the
same place, 
Individuals die but will survive 
 together soon,
we will thrive. 

Who are we??
We are atoms in a being greater than ourselves,
 constantly adapting,
expanding and retracting
to the conditions of our actions. 

Oh, the Imperfect, perfect nature of our race
 Overwhelmed but at the helm of victory, 
Just one more day, one more month, one more year, and we'll combine,
inoculations will save our nation,
one shot
at a time
up the world ladder  we climb. 

Not quite making it, 
  closer to being fine.
and again  we will try 
not quite making…
reaching up,
 living higher, seeing more and more until
one day we will be able to say to our children 'I Remember when I couldn't do what you do'. 

And then they will do the same, climbing higher into the sky,
Persevering in the curiosity we made.
Wondering how to
get farther
Reach higher,
And they too will climb caressing the stars but
 never quite making it…



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  • River Rae

    This literally gave me chills after reading. Wow.

    about 1 year ago
  • aalawrites

    What a beautiful (yet sad) poem about the struggles experienced by Americans. I hope it gets better soon.

    about 1 year ago