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"not all men" again

April 20, 2021


Today I was doing a project for my social studies class. This project was about the reliability of photos taken from the civil  war. Here is an excerpt from my conclusion: 
In coming across and studying this information, photos from the civil war can not be considered fully accurate or completely historically correct. Many photographers have used different methods to make their photographs more exiting, so we can’t trust all of the photos to be correct because it is to great of a risk to take that would change our history forever.
Historians who have multiple collage degrees and much knowledge do not trust all of the civil war photos because some of them were staged, enhanced with props/dead bodies that were moved, and lied about. Since they were taken so long ago, they have no way of knowing that they are reliable or not. Knowing this, they do not use these photos as historical references to study the war from. Again, this is because they may not be reliable and we have no way knowing how. The photos, if relied on as truth, could possibly incorrectly change our history forever. But still people have a hard time believing the reason woman say "men", instead of "some men", or "the bad men". We can not rely on the "good" ones, because we have no idea who they are. There is no way to tell. For instance, while walking through a parking lot as a man stared at me, I had no way of knowing prior to the walk that he would make me feel uncomfortable. I was on guard my entire walk, in case one person, just one person, tried to approach me. We have no way of telling who the "bad ones" are, because we can't read minds or see people's thoughts. There is no possible way for us to know, which is why we generalize. If you go to a football game and you are female, and a man sits next to you, you might move, or become immediately on guard. If you walk home from school and you are female and a man says you are pretty, or even just "hello", you walk away as fast as you can, or slip your keys into a weapon-ish position, just in case you are about to become one of the 97% of women who are touched without consent. We generalize to protect ourselves. We are afraid because we don't know who you are. We are afraid because we don't know if they care who we are. You think they care if at the moment I am non binary? No, they don't. If I have girl's genitals, they will go right ahead. We shouldn't have to live like this, afraid to walk alone or even be on the same street as a man for more than a couple minutes. It is not all men, but it is too. many. woman. Too. many. You say that it isn't all men, that you've never done that? DO YOU WANT A STICKER??? A COOKIE??? WHAT IS IT WITH YOU MEN??? Here, take the sticker! The "I'm doing the bare minimum to not assult women but I'm still misogynist" sticker! Take it! What do you want? I don't care if you've never assulted anyone, that isn't enough anymore. It's just not. Do better. It's not all men, but it is almost all women.


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