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I've made as many edits to this piece as I possibly can on my own, so I'd love to hear any changes you would recommend I make! Don't hold back :)) give me as many suggestions and as much constructive criticism as you want.

The Act of Stepping Out of Bed

April 20, 2021

And then dawn brings the bitter morning light and I shrink
The edge of my bed is the threshold between my demons and I
White vinegar breath curdles the air in front of me
Or maybe it is simply the cloud of a sleepless night.
I demand my hours back while the moon smiles down on me
I am her daughter and every twelfth ebony stroke she births me anew
I reclaim every sour second you take from me
O child of doubt!
I was born to the anguish of your questioning
But that does not mean my brittle bones have never tasted
The freedom of relief.
And they are addicted as though the vinegar on my breath were wine.
So I let the bitter morning light kiss brackish cheeks,
Paint a bloodless face golden. For freedom one is not bestowed with
Is freedom one must earn-
Feet cross the threshold to bridge the gap between
I and my demons.
This piece deals with my personal struggles with OCD, but I hope it's able to lend strength and motivation to anyone who reads it. :))


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  • useless :)

    re: no problem! :)
    thank you so much!! i hope u have a great time on here :D

    20 days ago
  • useless :)

    this is really good! i love the second stanza (and the whole piece haha)
    also, welcome to wtw! just a tip, since i see you've been replying on your own piece, the only way someone will see your reply is if you go to their profile, click on one of their pieces, and leave a reply there in the form of a comment starting with "re:" or "replying:" and then your message. hope this helps! :D

    20 days ago
  • rmssmr

    @Ramses IV hey :)) thank you so much!

    20 days ago
  • Ramses IV

    Hey Rumaisa, I'm Rameesha XD This peice is beautiful, btw. I love the use of language.

    20 days ago
  • Abdullah Awan

    Re: Amazing words, nice to see another Pakistani :)

    20 days ago
  • rmssmr

    @Ava Marie thank you so much!
    @Toikupu~estVehementChirography ahaha I see how you're thinking that! Dw tho, I'm not offended, there's nothing super deep to my username. It's just all the consonants of my first and last names.

    20 days ago
  • Ava Marie

    Also, welcome to WtW!!!!!!

    21 days ago
  • Toikupu~estVehementChirography

    I hope that this isn't offensive - you'll have some deep meaning to it - but your username makes me think of the noise someone half-asleep would say when they are are just stepping out of bed. :)

    21 days ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is so good!!!

    21 days ago