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Damsel In Distress

April 21, 2021

A permanent pit in my stomach
Lives a swarm of bees
That swarm free
Stinging my stomach lining
As if they are attempting
To protect me from thoughts
That are threatening
My body, their home
Intrusive reminders of the past
Leaving a stinger
In disintegrating fat
It hurts, but who am I to complain? 
Because with a stinger
Comes a burnt out flame
Taking his last breath and final buzz
I can’t help but feel irritated 
Silly bee, you’ve faded
you’ve allowed 
an irrelevant, nonexistent fear
Created only by imagination 
To kill you
A fake imaginative fear
Consumed you, my dear
You’re gone 
As I mourn
my diminishing army
And pity my stomach,
slowly tightening 
I gaze at the corpse you left behind
You’re soul is absent
Probably left already,
maybe a guardian angel
Maybe a spirit guide
That’s why you were as real
As a desert’s ocean tide
I was sent an angel
I was a damsel
And you were my distress
But why?
You bled danger
But maybe 
destruction is my savior
in the form of bee?
I gaze at the body again
Only there’s no body
Just a hollow feeling
Where once laid my anxiety
It was then I realized my spirit animal
Saved me from a self sought out catastrophe 
with an simple self evaluation, an epiphany 
Filled of humor, the irony
You see?
I’m metaphorically my own bee
I let my stressful pondering
Overtake my being 
Leaving me to fight
Imaginative fears
Fictional manipulative thoughts
From not only the outside with tears
But from the inside
I’m mourning hallucinatory bees
I’ve created a fantasy hive
All the while
I'm my own hypothetical bee 
trying to stay alive


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  • aalawrites

    i love how you had a sustained metaphor of the bee throughout! nice work

    about 1 year ago