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I believe every story can make a difference to someone.
Even the most insignificant story could be the most impactful of it's time.
So look up from the computer screen and out at the world.
Then write what matters.

The Golden Waterfall

April 22, 2021

PROMPT: April Grab Bag

a 200-word story that starts with the last text you sent. (by Ava Marie)

    "I may be a moment I don't know where Angie is." I called through the rushing waterfall. Clara was already on the other side but Angie must have strayed off the path a bit. I traced back my path calling Angie's name the whole time.
    "Ok if this is a game it's no longer fun Angie!" I sighed, "OH COME ON ANGIE!!! I'm tired of walking and I just want to go through the waterfal-" 
    What I was seeing didn't make sense. It was a waterfall just like the one i had left Clara but the water was made of gold. Instead of thousands of tons of water barreling down the side it was veins of silver trickling down the gold waterfall. 
    "Angie?" I called out, now deciding if I wanted to head towards the waterfall, or run away from it.
    "Yeah?" I sighed in relief when she replied.
    "Where are you?" I called back.
    "I went through the waterfall. It's not as solid as it looks, just walk through."
    I took a breath and push against the surface of the waterfall. Then my jaw dropped.
Not the best piece I've ever written but... I tried. I might add a second part later on, thoughts?


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  • River Rae

    I forgot to mention I changed the name of my friend "Angie"

    21 days ago