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I love:
-Vaquitas (look it up it is a real animal)
-Reading and writing
-Reading and writing deserve to be here twice
-My dogs

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I believe every story can make a difference to someone.
Even the most insignificant story could be the most impactful of it's time.
So look up from the computer screen and out at the world.
Then write what matters.

Stumbling blindly

April 21, 2021

Stumbling blindly
no longer can we see
we shut out our problems
for what seems like eternity

You cannot see 
what you don't believe
You cannot feel
what you don't think is real

You will start to see
One of these days
You will open up your eyes
Look at this world

You'll see the cracks under the surface
You'll see the way it's starting to collapse
and soon others may start to see
With a little help we'll start to see

This world isn't perfect, but it's all we have left
See it, believe it, dream it
See past the cracked surface
See the gem that this world could be

Now read it backwards
It's not perfect but... here it is.


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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    This is amazing!!! You really pulled it off

    27 days ago