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Ten Things I Wish To Be True

May 14, 2015

  1. I wish everyone saw others the way blind people do.
  2. I wish we would stop using people and loving objects; for people are to be loved, and objects, to be used.
  3. I wish they'd lift their head up from their phone long enough to see the beauty of our world.
  4. I wish people would finally realize that making others happy is the easiest way to achieve our own happiness.
  5.  I wish they would understand that true strength lies in gentleness, and that sensitivity is not weakness.
  6.  I wish the word 'love' wasn't thrown around so easily.
  7.  I wish you would realize that a person doesn't love you unless they put your needs before their wants.
  8.  I wish you didn't believe in their lies.
  9.  I wish I could see that I love you.
  10.  I wish you could see that too.




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