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Seasonal Love (with Spoken Words Poetry)

April 19, 2021

When love arrived, the breeze swept softer than heather flowers,
spring aroma accompanied by movie cliches
love was dressed in a soccer t-shirt,
hair colored borrowed from Chrysanthemum, symbolizing love and happiness,
my piano beats synced with my heartbeats,
ebony black dress, I always sat there on the bench, 
adoring you, feeling spring stole my heart, soaked every taste I never tasted
I wanted to decorate myself for you, 
somewhere lying under a blanket of lilies of the valley, bluebells, 
and pictured me with you (you looked attractive)

When love looked at me, my emotions were more fragile than heather’s petals,
tied by the golden thread of summer, selling lemonade, 
your presence is hibiscus, you threw the lemonade on me, spilled, 
left me at the crossroad, embarrassed, summer sun scorching,
seizing every form of water from my body,  ebony dress drenched turned to grey- silver, 
as your skateboard crashing into the fields of sunflowers made of me
adoring you felt like soft drinks, it’s not healthy but still, I crave for it
they say love is blind, literally, my love is blind,
somewhere lying under the sun slowly setting, with lilies of the valley setting its petals to gravity,
and pictured me with you (you were a distorted image)

When love passed by me, crushing on heather’s petals, ignoring me like autumn’s leaves 
everything born is made to die, crushing the amber petals of hibiscus, chrysanthemum, 
glitter flew from my dress, you’re presence was seasonal, 
I ran swiftly to my real home, between the labyrinth, 
where it’s always spring, 
home is where I am, I am silver threads of love woven with glitter, shining all year
I want to decorate myself for myself, 
somewhere lying on dead leaves I saw life among river waters my reflection, 
my color borrowed from the soil, 
both of them give life, (and your picture is dead)
dissolved again to this soil and water.


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  • .amelia.

    Okay. Just a quickie--is this poetic prose? Because is so, there may be a few words that need tweaking to fit a scansion. But, for one, I love that it is vivid.

    The parallels drawn between the flower petals and the seasons to represent the change in course of time, is really well thought through!! Quite an intriguing read :)

    But if you're looking for a personal opinion, I like the self renewal at the end of the piece, but it may be better if you elaborated more on the sadness the persona experiences when love leaves. It will make for a more resilient and powerful recovery in the end.

    but that's just my thoughts. love the piece, think it's amazing <3

    - .amelia. from Discord

    19 days ago
  • KaitlynnMiller

    This is great! It puts such a fun twist on the emotion of love - changing it from what others mostly write! I love this so much! Truly an enjoyable piece!

    20 days ago
  • vastexpansion

    holy cow this poem is so beautiful!

    20 days ago
  • Ellington Stone

    Oooooh, I love this style!! I think its an awesome take on an emotion that is so commonly written about. You spinned it in a unique way :)

    20 days ago