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My Favourite Artist

April 18, 2021



On 26 Jan 2019, I stumbled across an art fair in Marina Bay Sands — one of my favourite places in Singapore. There I encountered and fell in love with paintings by Zorikto Dorzhiev, who had been my favourite artist ever since.

Nomadic Buryat life is an important theme of Zorikto’s works. Its wild beauty enchants me profoundly. To him, “a nomad does not travel around in search of a better life. He is rather an artist, a poet, a philosopher, and often a loner.” 

His works are like incantations in pictorial forms. There’s always “something more” deep inside each painting that intrigues me to unveil, and as my imagination flows, poetic inspirations come along.

who's your favourite artist? 


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  • Starlitskies

    "His works are like incantations in pictorial forms." - Wow. I really love the word choice there: incantations. <3
    I'm not familiar with Zorikto Dorzhiev, but I'll be sure to check out his artwork. I don't really have a favourite artists and I'd really like to change that. There are not many art museums in Sri Lanka. Are there any other artists you would recommend?

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    I love how you described Zorikto so well, you really carefully picked out parts of who he is as a painter that although only being a short piece, I feel like I can already see him through your eyes! Ooh I love that quote, it's a really beautiful way of seeing nomads. "Its wild beauty enchants me profoundly." was awww! Ok, I just searched up some of his work and although a few I find a tiiiiiiiny bit creepy, in general, I really like them! Especially this one with a little boy who's clothing becomes an archer! (if that makes sense lol) But anyways, that's so cool you have a favourite artist and that he inspires some of your poetry- ah, I don't have a favourite artist at all, I think I need to start going to some art galleries or something (once COVID ends cause I think I'm finally at an age where I would enjoy them a lot lol)

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Alright, so I’m going to respond to all your comments on one piece so it’s easier for you to understand what I’m responding to lol. Also this is going to be a HUGE comment so really- no pressure to respond early- take your time!!

    RE (my villanelle): Awwww thank you so much! And yes! You definitely should try it! Restricting forms although restricting, make it flow pretty quickly because you can automatically see what you can or can’t do.

    No worries at all! (I’m super busy this coming week so my response will be a bit late as well haha) Awww of course! And ooh, can’t wait to read it (this is a live comment lol)

    Oooh that’s so cool! Translating poems is really hard! Yeah, definitely give me the link, I’d love to check it out!!

    Haha yeah! Yellow Sweater actually recommended reading him to me. And yes!! Oh my he’s so amazing! His writing is just so sophisticated and put together and I absolutely love it.
    Wait- that’s so cool! (Imagine being that smart XD) Oh now I definitely have to search up some of his speeches! (I’ve just been reading a book of his essays right now)
    THAT’S SO COOL! Wow, really wishing I could take creative writing at Harvard now XD and yes! If I could ever write and speak like him, I honestly would just, idk, explode with intelligence haha.
    Also that’s so so cool you’ve been to a national Writers Festival! Most of the people on here have loved writing since like forever and then there’s me who’s loved only reading and only started writing like February of this year lolll. (Apart from a few excerpts here and there growing up lol)

    RE (teapot): Awww thank you! I’m so glad you did!

    Haha, ok let’s see… (also side note: some of your interpretations are better than what I intended!! So amazing job there Zirong! Also ahh I’ll tell you if I meant more symbolism behind a part but I won’t say if any are wrong because I mean, symbolism can never be wrong, it’s up to interpretation! Plus it’ll take away all the magic if I tell you some of your things weren’t what I intended- because all your points do make logical sense!)

    1. Haha yeah! Perfect- Ruse does mean that but wait, oh my, I have no idea what my subconscious is, I literally have a gazillion bible symbolisms and then I didn’t even think about the name Elias lol- it just popped into my head! (Maybe I’m just gifted when it comes to naming characters XD!) But you are right in what I wanted him to be- so gold star!

    2. Oooh I like your interpretation of this since I added it with the intent of showing something else more but your interpretation matches the symbolism throughout the piece so it’s certainly correct! (Btw, the tiny thing I more meant was just that she has a very commanding presence and there’s more than what meets the eye)

    3. Yes 100% (ahh idk why but I was so proud of this one haha)

    4. Oooh yes yes yes yes yes!!! So amazing! And this was also another hint at slavery since she could have had any number of expensive materials but she had cotton ones (that were dusty and so might have been very old and in the family)

    5. The first thing you said was perfectly said!!! (That the blood of her family was never washed away) Zirong!! You’re just amazing at symbolism!! (I hope you try your hand at the prompt because I know my brain would explode reading it!)

    6. Yup! Yup! Yup!

    7. Oooh nice, kind of, and also again just that blood stuff like “blood is thicker than water”

    8. Yes!!

    9. Yes!!

    10. Yeah! And like building off of being uncultured, Ms. Ruse doesn’t really care much about stuff- she’s just all high and mighty and knows she can easily buy something else.

    11. Yes, I was hinting towards slavery and a lot of oppression that Ms. Ruse’s family put others through.

    12. Yeah!

    Hahaha I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Thank youuu!!
    Uhhh I guess one more symbol would be the last line, “She let out a tinkering laugh and returned to her slow, mechanical stirring.” Which just shows how the way her family came by her money and that unlawfulness and crude manner in which they treated others will continue like a machine (it’s just how America works).

    RE (drowning in a sea of meaning): Awwww thank you so much!
    Also haha, ok so in each of the pieces I actually used it to mean different things. So (as I said in this message already but no harm in repetition- it is a device after all lol) in The Teapot, I used it to show how the evil running in that family is as prevalent as it always was. In this piece I used it to kind of symbolize this person and how if you’re so broken, just a fresh coat of paint doesn’t always help- you need to mend from within. (but also, keep in mind that these are just what I write with the intent of and interpreting them how you like is the most fun!!)
    And haha yeah! You got that right! And then the whole setting and use of tea also hints at imperialism!
    Aww no worries at all! And well, you wanted it so enjoy this suuuper long response XD! Hope you’re having an amazing day/night!!

    5 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Ahhhhh you wrote about artttttt. Love the way you describe your favourite artist....and Singapore. Sounds such a lovely city <3

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Aww thanks! Np!

    5 months ago
  • ☃︎ KatelynsCupcakes ☃︎

    Re: Thank you so much, you have an excellent day as well!

    5 months ago
  • McK13

    Wow! You do such a good job at expressing why this artist is your favorite! And I love that his paintings inspire you to create your wonderful pieces! Hmm...I don’t know if I have just one favorite artist and I don’t know if you specifically mean visual art like paintings or sculptures. But in general, my favorite artist would be Alicia Keys who is a musician though I also really like Maya Angelou’s work and I’ve memorized dozens of her pieces! Re: thank you so much!! Your comment made my morning! I’m so glad you liked the two pieces :) I might do a sequel however I don’t know if I will soon because I’ve got a lot going on with school, family and some other things right now. But I’ll let you know if I do! And of course, your writing is so amazing!

    5 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: aw, thank you so much! :) I’ll miss you too!

    5 months ago