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The Melancholy Sea

May 30, 2021



Swim in the melancholy sea of shame
Stinging your eyes with salty regret
Swallow the rolling waves of guilt
Spot the water mirror,
Your artificial self that reflects.

Listen to the crying souls 
Amongst the loudest of them all,
which is you the loudest weeper
The one, first to fall.

Understand your painful past
Release your anger and hurt
Don't try to make yourself feel better
By dragging others into the dirt.

Exhale the weight that you have bared
For you are very strong
But let your muscles repair the damage
For holding onto your past for so long.

Let go and forgive.
For the world is here to help, not harm
Look in all the bright places 
You will find the world's charm.

Heal your inner loving child.
Start fresh from the seed.
With trust, Grip tightly onto my hand.
And I’ll hoist you from the melancholy sea.

Mackenzie Woolley



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