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To whom ever comes across my writing, I have always enjoyed the art of writing and reading. The way you can string a whole bunch of words together to create a new world or a person is incredible. I have to admit I am no the best at writing, but who is really? I hope someone enjoys my style of writing, and if not so be it. Please enjoy my random stories with no rhyme or reason.

My Therapy

April 18, 2021


My left hand connects with the leather bag, and then my right, and again, over and over untill I feel as if I have nothing left to give, so I hit again. 

But that's the trick you see, when you feel like you have nothing in the tank, you keep going, you keep throwing the jabs and hooks.

Because in a fight, you don't get to decide when to stop, you stop when you win or you lose. 

So my 'therapy' is strange to some, but to me it is my life line. Without it I would fall apart.



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  • Writing4Life

    I love your profile picture! I also love horses :)

    5 months ago