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Er, hello there. I'm trying my best to write something real, so please stick with me for a bit while I figure it out.
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I miss Long Beach and I miss you, babe
I miss dancing with you the most of all
I miss the bar where the Beach Boys would go
Dennis's last stop before Kokomo

(Lana Del Rey, The greatest)

Lana Del Rey blasting in tourist traps during July

April 22, 2021


Summer is riding bikes over the bridge, praying to whatever God is out there that you don't fall into mid-day traffic.
Summer is weeks of dryness, then the heavy humidity of storm clouds on the horizon.
Summer is sweat and sunscreen, salt and sugar combining in a cataclysm of youth.
Summer is blisters from flip flops, watermelon juice, and sweltering in church with your grandparents.
Summer is late night discussions at sleep overs, drawing on your friend's arms with Sharpie.
Summer is the promise of a future, then the heartbreak of a single text.
Summer is Lana Del Rey blasting in the tourist traps on that one chain mall off the main beach road.
Summer is melting milkshakes and root beer floats, clutching cones and cups on metal benches with cracked yellow paint.
Summer is the raiding of drinks from 7-11, after a day of frying in the fierce sun of the American Southwest.
Summer is cousins and aunts swarming around a table, eating burnt barbecue and dreaming of college.
Summer is living, breathing, and dying at the age of sixteen.
Summer is rough burns after holding onto a tube while flying across the Gulf of Mexico.
Summer is fireworks and gunshots late into the night on the Fourth of July.
Summer is wind in salty hair and the crashing of waves onto a golden stretch of land.
Summer is chlorine and cheap bathing suits, polished off with cold Coke.

Summer was burning feet on hot pavement. Summer was shell necklaces and halter tops.
Summer was cutoff jean shorts and texts from boys on Snapchat.
Summer was you, me, us.
Summer is gone.

Our youthful happiness faded and died over the course of a few months as we sunk into the depression of fall and winter. We lost a few soldiers on the way. We may not be the same.
But summer is waiting for us, a few weeks out of reach.
You can come, if you want.
I'm ready, if you are.
It's sixteen miles to the promised land,
​and I promise you I'm doing the best I can
Now don't fool yourself in thinking you're more than a man
because you'll probably end up dead

I visit these mountains with frequency
​and I stand here with my arms up
Now some days, they'll last longer than others
But this day by the lake went too fast...

- Rilo Kiley, With Arms Outstretched


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  • Scorpious Malfoy

    RE: Solangelo is frankly a cute but awkward couple. But we have to to hear it for Will. Despite many people crediting Jason for bringing Nico out, the real labour was done by Will.

    6 months ago
  • Scorpious Malfoy

    RE : Honestly, Percy isn't Piper's type. But that does not mean she can trash-talk the boy who SAVED Mt. Olympus more times than ANY son of Jupiter ever has!

    6 months ago
  • Molly_

    Re; thank you so much! I really appreciate that :)

    Oh I love this. It makes me want to not revise in about 500 different ways.

    6 months ago
  • Scorpious Malfoy

    re: Yours is worth reading a million times over (I only saw it today, and have already read it thrice). BTW, agreed. Percy totally would have rocked Jason. When Piper said Percy looked 'unimpressive' next to Jason, I nearly forgot to breathe.

    6 months ago
  • thea_ivy

    This is beautiful and really got me in the mood to pretend school doesn’t exist:)

    6 months ago