Sedonaq Eyoabq



April 22, 2021

I sat down and read. 
Read all the almost seamless concinnity of the jumbled words written on the white parchment, 
the letters constellating in my mind while I’m piecing the composed puzzle together.
I bury myself in anticipation as the plot unfolds and unveils the mystery 
I've been waiting for all this time.
 The suspense rushing through my veins like rapid waters,
 I can almost feel the sensations of the character in front of me,
 the adrenaline coursing through their body,
 the image of the bright blue sky that they perceive, 
and the way their eyes glimmer while rushing away into the illuminated path, 
the sunset shimmering with an orangish pink hue, 
imagining the character sighing in relief while watching the colors contort into a blended paradise.
I sit and think. 
Think about all that has happened, 
how the days evidently blended together into one big blur,
thinking about how the days I've spent reading the slightly tinted pages,
The words expressing a luculent beauty,
Something I wish I could understand.
I gently laid down.
I laid down in my bed and feel the uneasiness envelop my body,
My mind realizing that something I once enjoyed
Was now finished.


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