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April 17, 2021


You don’t see me, do you?
You don’t think you have any reason to
After all, what am I?
What do I offer you?
I’m weak and frail, and I hold myself together with glue

You walk by with other things on your mind
You just don’t think I’m worth your time
You don’t even stop to spare a dime
You don’t hear me saying that I wish you were mine
Because why would you?
Why would you care about me?
I’m as wretched and depressed as a person can be
I cry so hard; my tears can fill up any sea
It’s not a good look for a girl of fourteen.


This world is filled with light.
Light that shines brightly in pleasant beams
Light that gives us all these hopes and dreams
But all it takes is a glimpse
And I feel myself flinch
This light causes me nothing but misery
So I resort to hiding deep within people’s shadows
I can’t stand the sunlight
But I’m not a vampire though

I mean, just look at these teeth
They don’t bite so I can lap up people’s blood
They don’t suck their life away until their body drops down with a thud
Because I am too tame to bite people
I am too lame to bite
I’ve too much shame to act on any of my spite
I am too nice.
But being nice doesn’t suffice
For being noticeable
Being nice doesn’t matter
It just makes you gullible
Being nice is a vice
Or so I’ve been told
Just keep it to yourself
And then no one will know

But keeping it to myself isn’t going to make you love me
You would rather focus your attention on the people
who revel in the limelight of dazzling luminescence
They shine bright like candlelight
Persisting through the wind
My candle’s flame flickers far too much
Because I’m weak and I’m chagrined
I could fall apart at one touch
You’ll never notice me this way
You’ll never notice me at all

And that’s why I’m
Not gonna waste any more time
And I’m gonna light myself on fire
I’ll be a burning ball of fire
Rising higher and higher into the sky
I won’t stop until I’m at my prime
Melt every candlestick on my way
Because it’s my time to shine today
I am no longer a feeble, flickering flame of candlelight
I am the sun
And I’ll keep on shining until it’s night
And then I’ll be the moon
Rock solid, ever-present
Whichever phase I’m in, full, new or crescent

I’m gonna light myself on fire
And I know exactly how
I’m gonna burn, burn and burn
Do you notice me now?
I wanna catch fire like Katniss Everdeen
From the Hunger Games
I wanna feel strong, I wanna feel powerful
I wanna be surrounded by flames
Because that’s when people will notice me
That’s when people will drop everything and
Feel the warmth that I bring
They’ll feel my presence radiating from the essence of my existence
They’ll feel the heat from any distance

I will set myself on fire for you
Because I want you to notice me…
Even though there’s always the risk of burning to ashes
Engulfing myself in my very own flames

I look up and I see flashes
Flashes of what life could be, you and me
But I’ve burnt myself, and now I have rashes
Do you want me now, because I’ve risked it all
Risked it all just to tell you my story
The words I say are no longer in caches
So the last thing I’ll ask of you is to
Allow me my moment of glory
And then I’ll burn into ashes


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  • Ava Marie

    This was really well done!!

    21 days ago