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i write (mostly) poems about love and heartbreak, although this is something i've never experienced myself. my only references to the emotion/feelings i put into my poems are books i've read. as such, i'm always open to critique about making my writing more relatable/heartfelt!

please do NOT steal my work! it is not a fun feeling when i have my literature stolen, so please refrain from doing so.

six feet

April 16, 2021


we stand watching the sunset
together, but apart
this isn't close enough
bring me closer
but i can't

the sun falls behind the hill
stars fill the sky
and we stand there

i got you
but being to hug you
kiss you 
smell your hoodie,
filled with the scent of lavender soap and sweat
would be a lagniappe
the most beautiful lagniappe

as the deep night arrives 
a quiet sibilance follows it
peaceful, tranquil, 
but not enough
this new world
this calamitous world
is never enough

i stick my hand out,
reaching, hoping, 
but you leave. 

and now
i stand
six feet apart
from an empty space in blank air

and the world feels dark


and yet i remain
six feet apart
this was a super quick poem that i wrote in about five minutes, certainly not my best work :00

i hope you enjoy anyways!! 


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    Re: And thank you!!!

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    Re: It's all true.
    I love this piece too, it's so good!! I just really love the way you word everything, it's so amazing.

    25 days ago