River Rae

United States

I love:
-Vaquitas (look it up it is a real animal)
-Reading and writing
-Reading and writing deserve to be here twice
-My dogs

Message from Writer

I believe every story can make a difference to someone.
Even the most insignificant story could be the most impactful of it's time.
So look up from the computer screen and out at the world.
Then write what matters.

Aspects of me

April 16, 2021


"You're not going to come back to flying monkeys taking over the world." - My boredom
"Ya sure about that?" - My chaotic side.
"I mean there is a non-zero chance but yes. I can make a very clear assumption that will not happen." - My logic
"Well that was entertaining, Byeeeeeeeeee." - Me in general.


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