River Rae

United States

I love:
-Vaquitas (look it up it is a real animal)
-Reading and writing
-Reading and writing deserve to be here twice
-My dogs

Message from Writer

I believe every story can make a difference to someone.
Even the most insignificant story could be the most impactful of it's time.
So look up from the computer screen and out at the world.
Then write what matters.

When the Ocean Becomes the Sky

April 16, 2021


When the ocean becomes the sky
And the sky becomes the ocean
When the sand gives way to ruin
And the clouds turn dark as night

When the world turns upside down
And no one hears you screaming
When the ocean become the sky
And you start to fall through

When the sky becomes the ocean
And water pours down on your head
And the only one that’s listening
Is you

When the tears turn gold
And the river turns to blood
When the sun turns sour
And the world turns to ash

No one will hear you crying
No one will notice you’re falling
Because in the dark
No one can see who’s breaking
Thank goodness my writers block finally eneded.


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