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April 16, 2021

We live in a world that is consumed by ourselves.
We can’t escape our need to be the best, to escalate, to be invincible.
When I say need, I mean need, because wanting it isn’t optional.
It isn’t enough to be good at something; we have to be good at everything.

So we have two people that we are trying to be. 
Someone that can be displayed to the world, who is smart, attractive, unstoppable.
Someone with a picture perfect smile, with teeth that are so straight, so white they look unreal.
This person is unreal, and people say,  “I want to be them.”

Then we have someone who is hidden from the world. 
Someone who has bad days and cries at night.
Someone with insecurities about their body, their abilities and their future. 
Someone who wakes up some days, feeling like they can’t take life any longer, and thinks, “how will I ever do this?”
Someone who is human. 

But so many of us have hidden this person for so long, behind filters on our phone, vacations in the sun, and an unwavering mask that only lets its guard down when we are alone with ourselves.
The only place where hiding from the world is finally over.
Because hiding was never the truth.
But some of us have spent so long hiding, we’ve forgotten the truth. 

This is considered normal.
It’s normal to hide, to ignore, to repress.
We pretend that we are better than others, and vice versa.
The display case we create, polished and perfect.
Inside we sit as puppets, controlled by the barriers of our display.
Hoping desperately to win the shiny first place trophy for our case.
So that we can show the world we are winners.  

I hope someday this changes.
I hope that someday it’s ok to just do something that you love, not because you’re amazing at it, but because you love it.
I hope that it’s ok to care about humanity not just when it’s a fad, but all the time.
And most importantly, I hope it’s ok to post a picture on instagram not because it’s “cute”, but because it’s YOU.
I’ve been real in a fake world for so long.
One day, I hope to be real in a real world.


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  • Nyla

    Wow, I love this so much, you got your opinion across really well and the last two lines are amazing! I think they'll really resonate with the reader! Also, I see you're new, so welcome to WTW, and if you ever have a question or just want to chat feel free to reach out to me by going to my account and commenting under one of my posts. (that's the only way users get notifications)

    5 months ago