Writing in the New Age

April 16, 2021

why do I feel so hesitant
to put my fingers onto the keys and type out a word?
there is some undulating pressure that comes
from staring at the blank white expanse,
of nothingness,
of pixels,
reminiscent of a gaping blank sheet of paper:
filled with words you never have the courage to write.
I never used to have this hesitancy.
This inertia to act.
Words used to spill from my pencil,
and keyboard;
like water flows from a tap.
There was no filter,
no resistance
and no struggle.
there are too many eyes
too many opinions 
that exist in this world
but made anew
we can usher in a new age of support
of love and appreciation
where each word is cherished,
and does not need to be literary genius,
to be considered art. 


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  • ~wildflower~

    Beautiful! I love the change in perspective and hopeful ending. Your use of figurative language was great! I especially loved these lines: “ there is some undulating pressure that comes/from staring at the blank white expanse”

    22 days ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is so perfect, I relate so much, I love it!!!!
    Also, Welcome to WtW, you'll love it here, I know I do! If you every need anything, I'll be around!!!

    22 days ago