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In The End

April 22, 2021

People don’t sing and dance like they used to
My generation is a warning of what it could do to you
We must stop or we will make a mistake
A mistake that will be too late to unmake 
At parties, we can’t even talk to one another
Because we’re too busy thinking what we should post or in what color
On public transport, we sit alone 
I guarantee you will see everyone with a phone or a wire attached to their earlobe. 
Or to come home from work to see your children glued to their screens
And to think of what our world's becoming. 
To see a mother hush a baby with an Ipad or a camera
Or the different filters that make us think that we’re not good enough
Look what our world's becoming
And I can’t stop to think about what else is coming
People are finding it hard to sleep, because of that device right next to their feet
Or the temptation while they are driving, 1.6 million a year crash because of that stupid tweet
The ding, the buzz, the instinctive thought in the morning of who snapped you first 
Or going on Instagram, seeing all the fun that you will never have, is the worst
Look what our world's becoming
My generation is crying
An extra 31% are dying
Because of this device that keeps on buying
And I am not ashamed to say that this is terrifying
That I am scared, I am scared that my friend’s screen times are increasingly rising
That in the past, we could talk freely to one another
But now?
We even text the person sitting right in front of our eyes
Yes, it has its highs
But if it’s keeping us from going outside
It needs changing from top to side 
And how will our future look like
What will my children feel?
About this device that steals our very time
Look what our world's becoming 
The monster is creeping in and out without stumbling
I am begging you to leave your device, stop creating them for the money and dimes
Because none of that will matter when the human race is filled with robotic lights
flashing in their minds and eyes
We will turn into zombies and be filled with lies 
For I am scared of the future that is ahead
That this will destroy us, in the end. 


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