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Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
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I can't even be bothered writing them all down
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Am I Lying?

April 16, 2021


Do you ever write something and ask 
Am I lying? 
Do you ever feel like the things 
That you said you overcame 
Were just ideas that came over you 
In the spur of the moment 
Do you ever wonder 
Why do I say I have it hard? 
When you have a loving life, a loving family 
Your world has no bloody glass shards 
Do you ever reach for the sky 
And fall, only to realize 
The sky is already at your feet? 
Have you ever felt the wind, but known 
I can go home any time the wind has blown 
Do you ever tell yourself 
This isn't enough 
The world is full of haters 
One is not a tragedy 
Have you ever wished that you had 
Something more to tell 
Or something more to feel 
Before you're carried away by the swells? 
I know I've been told 
That my life is wrong 
I know I've been hurt 
By those I called friends 
I know it makes me angry 
When some say they don't approve 
But of all the things I've been through 
None were half as bad as yours 
So, to be clear, the point of this is about feeling like your struggles aren't real because other people have it worse. To be honest, I know I'm privileged. The point of this poem is more, what if I'm just being weak? I don't know how to explain it. Just read the poem. 


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  • Ava Marie

    Re: Thank you so much, I actually just finished editing it after a peer review, and I'll be posting the updated version within a few minutes

    25 days ago
  • Emily Jasmine

    I love this, it’s really well written and gives the message perfectly. And I promise that everything you feel is valid and you are not in any way weak <3

    (On a side note, I laughed at the pun in your bi-o)

    25 days ago