Joe Donelson

United States

17 year old poet/ writer. I play cello, piano, and tin whistle, read a lot, and garden. Raven claw, Earth Nation, Cancer if any of those mean something to you :P

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Hi there! I’m Joe. I love writing and receiving feedback for all my work, so thank you for any support you give me. Welcome to my page!

Most of my style is freestyle, but I mess around with more traditional work from time to time. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I fell into poetry a few years ago in a rhetoric class that required us to memorize poems. If I was to classify my work, I’d say the majority of it would fall under a more modern genre with a more fluid form and modern language.

Again, welcome, and thank you for coming! Leave your thoughts on my work, and I’m always open to questions!

Tear Swept Floors

April 15, 2021


I’ve wept like this before.
In the living room,
the kitchen,
into my sheets.
You’ve heard me,
I assume,
you’ve felt small dabs of insufficient tears.
Or at least other things,
at least my throated cries,
at least my emptied thoughts.
Convince me again,
that the path is narrow,
and that it actually is there.
And that I actually am here.

Isn’t there some shame
to knowing when you’ll die?
To knowing that it’s so soon?
I want to clarify that this poem isn’t related to suicide per se (at least in my own interpretation). Life can get really hard sometimes, especially for those of us that dwell on it. Thoughts of death and what comes after slowly kill you in some sense. They drag you away from the reality of your life. That’s just for the last line, the poem is more than that.


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  • WrenBirdWrites

    You're an amazing poet, and I'm sorry that you're getting bombed with notifications Lol

    19 days ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    I love the structure of that first sentence. Rhythmically, it feels like crying. Beautiful, sorrowful poem. I didn't interpret those last lines as suicide, rather just an expression of how life collapses under its own weight.

    26 days ago