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this self-destructive game

April 15, 2021

when you walk in, although I try
I cannot look the other way
you sit across the room from me
I think things I will never say

I steal glances like you steal hearts
you are the north pole to my south
words cross my mind; I swallow them
all is lost if they leave my mouth

you say "I love you, like a friend"
forcing a smile, I say the same
I hate the way I lie to you
caught in this self-destructive game

I hear your voice; it makes me smile
each time you laugh brightens my mood
you don't know my perplexing glares
hides feelings I cannot elude

I would do anything for you
but you won't ever ask so I
just stay here at your side, unseen
lacking the strength to say goodbye


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1 Comment
  • Tachi

    I can just imagine you saying this with such power and confidence,! Great piece with such powerful words that hit home.
    was that sappy? I hope not :T

    25 days ago