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Our Painted World

April 15, 2021

The emerald greens of the trees,
the amber sap decorating the bark,
and the burgundy in our veins.
The flesh-color painting our skin,
the beige walls coated in memories,
and the cobalt blue of the waters.
The bronze in those before,
the indigo washing the earth,
and the navy gliding through the skies.
The ultramarine highlighting the beyond,
the crimson in the wildlife,
and the silver shining down.

All for the naked eye.
A riot of shade, tones, tints
complexion, coloring, cast.
instead of sickness that breaks our society,
and the boredom that shakes our generations.

Take a breath and breathe it in, 
breathe in

the emerald greens, the amber browns, and the burgundy drinks.
The beige in the buildings, the blue of the waters, and the detail in the animals.
The navy of the sky, the silk of the clouds, and the silver of the night.

Take a step back
and breathe it all in.


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