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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

Message to Readers

this is my most recent poem! i hope you enjoy reading it. i really liked exploring the concept that being good at something which is financially undervalued in the world of work can be exhausting...
all you lovely talented people probably relate and you shouldn't!! but i guess the world just isn't perfect, is it?

i was prescribed a poet

April 15, 2021


i was handed an early invitation to my funeral before i could speak
i clutched it with podgy fingers and drooled on it absentmindedly,
gaping my mouth open and scrutinising the world.

there is no cure, only practise
the world and it’s men test me 
how long can i go without writing,
how long until i lose my mind?

i’ve scratched the skin off my hands
my palms are raw red and open

blood streams from my lifeline
pooling into a puddle shaped like a crooked question mark

before my straining eyes
i haven’t slept

words kept flashing up before me
like a lyric video with no sound
i have been muted

is this my punishment for finding home
on a stabbed, wounded, murky page?

it’s curved and folded edges hugged me more warmly
than the wildfires of earth ever did.

my hair fell out
strands would stray like lines which had been dismantled
by that clear and cunning current we call water
and then the chocolate brown lines
became repelled by my rotting brain
they were the colour of mud, of dirt
but still purer than the depths that grew within

i was prescribed a poet
i’ve had time to decide the food that they will serve
cheese and cucumber sandwiches, please
offer no sugar with the tea
they don’t deserve cold meat sandwiches
not unless they are tearing through my flesh
they don’t deserve pure sweetness
not unless they are inhaling my blood

whatever the river runs from
it becomes
by escaping death
and writing this down
i have grown one step closer
to being confined by a coffin
with no flesh nor bones nor blood nor hair

and that is the final stage of being a poet.


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  • ~Zoe~

    This is.. stunning, oml, I am speechless

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    oh man this is so graphic and yet powerful and WOW. i'm kinda stunned!! this is absolutely brilliant. sacrificed for your craft. wow.!!!

    5 months ago