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ok I just have a lot of feels about people who say stem and math and logic are passionless, boring industries and ways of thinking because why do you think we do it? why do we push the limit of our comprehension, if not out of a love that can rival the greatest artists? i just think we don't give logic enough credit, using words like cold and hard and emotionless when truly, is the truth within such things not beautiful? thank you for coming to my ted talk. feedback is welcome.

right brain, left brain, but darling it's all the same

April 15, 2021



we are odd creatures.
thinking logically and pragmatically is as instinctive as it isn't
for sometimes we look for patterns and rationale
in places which there exist none
and other times we dismiss logic for it's perceived lack of empathy,
choosing the emotion and feeling and expression
that we think are so different in comparison;
but are the two as separate as we have made to believe?
if I claw into the deepest depths of logic,
reach into the depths of it's very core
all I see is humanity, in it's determined perseverance
and driven purpose beating a constant hum
all I see is emotion, feelings of passion, and pure, unbridled curiosity,
fueling what so many believe to be a lifeless flame 
but in truth is an inferno blazing with the vitality of a thousand suns.
logic can be hard, and truthful, but not cold, never cold;
how could you ever forget emotion
as you sink deeper into understanding the universe?
to solidify our hope for living into the simplest, starkest truths?
that is love. 



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  • Anne Blackwood

    Okay wow thank you for sharing your perspective so beautifully

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    I totally agree with you! And in fact, STEM fields are so creative if you think about it, they have to look at problems that society faces and find creative solutions. They have to imagine creative ways of progressing in their fields and tech and things. But I just loooove how you wrote this poem and said that humanity is at the core of it all because it really is and that was just a beautiful way of expressing it . Great job!

    5 months ago