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feelings fade
when you refuse to set fire
to the little things.

-perry poetry

an artist sometimes wonders of his art

April 14, 2021


and the artist 
wasn't even impressed by the thought of his work
but by the colors that showed
what the painting could really come out to be

and as he stroked the backwash of a mod-podged canvas
he saw a color of baby blue
maybe making it seem like baby blue could hum out the other colors
shown, and hidden within the painting


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  • April 14, 2021 - 5:46pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Nyla

    Oooooh I really love this Aaliyahh, this has got such a great message that you explored in an extremely poetic way and I love how you started with "and" it kind of makes it seem like this is only part of the story which really adds to it.
    RE: Aww thank you so much! Again, thank you!
    Aw no worries, I respond late as well sometimes! And HAHA, loll it’s just cause we were learning about one of the world wars and there were 4 specific tiny battles that were really important to Canadians. You have a lot more battles cause of the civil war I think, which I mean, it was a really important battle! And haha peaceful, yeah, I guess it is in some respects compared to the country with the highest-funded military! XD (sorry for all the jabs but seriously, the U.S. is a great place in some respects, after all, “the American dream”)
    Anyways, moving on, yeah it was sad. And yes, I looved the descendants movies. Yess, I love the name Aurora as well! It’s just so pretty! (Oooh, you definitely should, I would love to read it!) YES, she’s honestly so amazing and hahaha. Yeah, I liked it, I just thought that making her have magic powers took away from her super strong personality. But I still liked watching it and aww yeah, I was upset over that too! Hahaha, maybe. And yeah, it really does lolll, dw, same here. Thank youuu! You too!! Ooh also here’s a would you rather: would you rather be a frog or a fish (and btw, dolphins are mammals so they don’t count! I’m talking about the ordinary fish!)?
    RE sea of meaning: Awww thank you! I’m so glad it was so descriptive and everything, thanks!!! :))

    5 months ago