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Kaija Aikman

The Struggle of High School

May 12, 2014



When I was in middle school, I was blown away about the idea of moving up to the ever-daunting high school, rumored to be a majestical shift of maturity that would change my life forever. However, it is highly debatable whether or not I'm more mature or less. Through the wonderful gossip chain of middle school came word that the food in high school was supposed to be top notch. But, I was sadly mistaken and faced with soggy, tasteless food. Perhaps the biggest let down came from watching High School Musical. Who knew we wouldn't have a glamorous musical or spontaneous dance numbers? And where are the attractive athletic boys? Also through movies, I saw cliques of all types and could identify which one I'd belong to for the entire four years, but was cut down when I realized that cliques dispersed as quickly as they formed. However, they did correctly depict the constant cat-fights and bickering. Then again, High School cheerleaders are not nearly as peppy and advanced in skills in life as they are in movies, resulting in less than exciting pep sessions. What happened to the crazy rallies from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I signed up for that, not Wapahani's barely-there excitement. On the topic of excitement, what about the cute relationships that everyone covets? I want my own personal Twilight moment! And the dress code for pete's sake. No equality! You can only wear what you want if you're of high social status.
Ah, social status. I expected to have a defined social level. However, once you're there, you are just left hanging to decide where you stand.
If only we could create our own definite experience.

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