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Message to Readers

Well I honestly just want to see if you like these or not-

Human no. 5 (English Alphabet and odd words.) {sorta interactive, footnote}

April 14, 2021


(make sure to read the footnote before reading)

Heyo ********!

Hello Sid!

So topics:
English alphabet/odd words
or technology

Lets go with the weird one:
English alphabet/odd words.

Ok, so...
Why do we have C?
I mean it has the same uses as s & k.
and in Pacific the c's use the s & k

Well uhh. 

There is no reason except to make it look nice!
Its the same with Z,
what is the letter Z even for? 

I guess- 
Sid your going cra-

Ok so..
why do we say y for when we try to say w-h-y?
like shouldn't it be said like w-h-i?!

calm down-

Po-tae-to or Po-ta-to?


To-ma-to or To-mae-to?

Sidney Disney Whiskey Mickey,
Calm down!

Well you had asked for it. 
Never say that again please ********

I mean I might have to if you don't calm down.

I mean yea...

But wow the English alphabet and some words are as odd,
as someone saying that DRAGONS are real

but they are-


Witch version of tomato and potato do you say?
1 po-ta-toe & toe-ma-to
2 po-tae-toe & toe-mae-to
3 po-ta-toe & toe-mae-to
4 po-tae-toe & toe-ma-to

This one is like 1 & 2, its Sidney (me) talking to a friend, that friend is you! (you start on the second paragraph/stanza/whatever you wanna call it) ******** = your name
(this is how crazy irl i can be when it comes to a topic such as this. :D)


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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    This was fun to read!!
    Also, I pronounce it the 2nd way

    27 days ago