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--> tldr; writing is my therapy.

i joined this place years back because i love writing and used to write tons of fictional stories. i stopped for a while and published less often because i started to care too much about the likes and comments, but now i'm back with a different reason. lately, i've been listening to musicals and whenever i'm upset i just find it satisfying to rhyme words and get anything i want to say out into the open in a poem rather than a chunk of words. it's mostly without much context (sometimes it's even hard to decode), but it really helps, so i keep doing it.

on another note, i swear i'm friendly, so drop me a comment if you need someone to talk to! :')

--> (and if you know me, no you don't.)

to the people who drove me mad

April 14, 2021


it was perfectly fine
just before you guys entered
bringing hell to my heaven
making all of it burn.

you keep playing the victim
saying it's mine and her fault,
but then you turn around and
you aren't much better at all.

calling him "trash" and making fun
of things he did long, long ago
that he's already apologised for,
but of course, you won't let go.

it didn't even involve you,
you just want someone to put down
to make yourself feel like a saint
though you're just nothing but a clown.

stop pretending it's our fault
and that we're the villains in this case
because my friends are the ones suffering
while you're up there in your "high place".

well, i'll tell you what ---
if you don't like my home
then just leave and don't return
(i really hope that you do so).

because you're not making it better
you're just making it much worse
by attacking my close friends
and saying things they don't deserve.

just leave us alone for goodness sake,
we don't need all of this, please,
if you don't like how we run things here
then you're more than free to leave.

it's just annoying right now
and i wish it would just end
because that place that you're ruining
is home for me and my friends.

don't tell me what to change,
i know what exactly i'm doing,
i don't need hypocrites to tell me
what's the "right" way i should do things.

the stress keeps piling up,
if only i knew what to do,
and i just hope that i'll be stronger
so that i could deal with you.
context: there are these really toxic people this discord server i'm in and i'm sick and tired of their antics but they constantly gang up on people and so idk what to do...


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  • nolongeractive

    Re: Thank you so so much, that means everything to me!! And, I absolutely will let you know if there is one!!

    28 days ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    I love this piece, but I don’t love toxic people. I’ve had to cut some out, and my brother banned some from his discord server. I’m not sure how to help you with your situation, since it may not be your server, but I still think it’s be best to cut them off.

    28 days ago
  • BizzleWrites

    Dealing with toxic people can be a real pain. I had a very toxic friend, who said a lot of horrible things and then lied and said "you can't prove I said that". Sometimes you have to cut people off. I mean, obviously you don't have to, but sometimes it's the best thing to do.
    Great piece by the way!

    28 days ago
  • Tachi

    they sound bad-
    I like the piece tho :>
    also I like haikyuu too :3

    28 days ago
  • LeeAnne Natalia

    Its always difficult to stand up against the bad things that the people who you usually socialize with because you fear being alone even though it is wrong . I understand this from personal experiences .That's a great poem you wrote thanks for sharing.

    28 days ago