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16 years old, (She/Her/Hers)
High School Junior in California. Write poems as a hobby :)

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Everything is possible if you just stop calling it impossible.

My Music Hall

April 13, 2021


I might hear your screams through the wall
No, it's just my favorite song playing aloud
I might hear your footsteps from the hall
No, it's just my heartbeat as I dance around
I might hear your breathing through our call
No, it's just my voice getting a little loud
I might hear your grumbling at the ball
No, it's just my presence shifting the croud
I might hear your blinking at the cannonball
No, it's just my growth radiating past the cloud
I might hear your sleeping by the landfall
No, it's just me feeling proud
I might hear your pain from the fall
No, it's just me putting on my shroud
I might hear your cries from the waterfall
No, it's just my smile as I recall
That one music hall


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