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Hope you like my writing its mostly love story and depresing stuff mostly pulled out of books and movies mixed with some personal experience.

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Purple Flowers

April 13, 2021


You didn't like it when I accidentally stepped on the small purple flowers where we sat down it was adorable it's cute to see her care about every thing even the spider that I hated and was scared of and then we talk about all the little weird things about our body's like how weird my finger prints are and how my arm veins stuck out I really wanted to kiss her idk why I didn't I kinda beat myself up about it afterward then I had to go to drumline practice and played with them even though they are all in high school and I'm not but then when I got home I though of the future idk why but I thought of me beating her in all the sports games I own and getting frustrated when she miraculously beat me one time and then laughing about it after I was done trying to make her feel bad also "Always" by Isak Danielson is reeling growing on me and made me happy thinking about it but with me and her. Thats all I have to say I hope you liked it or at least didn't hate it but that's up to you. Love y'all <3 and I'll talk to y'all later


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  • Jason_claire :)

    Yaay. It is a really good song. I was so surprised when you had to leave, I was like nOooOOO. Shoulda kissed me ;)

    28 days ago
  • BizzleWrites

    I love this piece!!!

    28 days ago