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ignore any typos or mistakes. not sure if sci-Fi made a piece about her experience in the shower. she should.

showering with my clothes on

April 13, 2021


my experience bathing with my clothes on went like: sorry that you have to have a body... 
...tired of this body... 
...Your body is imperfectly perfect... 
...making me feel bad for the body I got...

the light pressure tapped me a million times a minute as i screamed the lyrics
pulling on my nightgown, causing it to outline my figure 
every once in a while i would open the shower curtain and stare at my drenched clothing and the shape staring back at me
pulling and smoothing and pinching every area that didn’t appeal to me 
the tears streaming down my face were hardly visible and i did nothing about them 

i stepped out of the shower and put my towel over my soaking pajamas 
my parents were gonna kill me :||
sci-Fi told me to shower with my clothes on while playing music to feel like the main character so i did. i played my body terror playlist, hopped in the shower with light pressure and cool water and it worked. highly recommend.


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  • Paisley Blue

    my parents would kill me lol

    27 days ago
  • sci-Fi

    YESSS imma write about it rn

    27 days ago
  • thea_ivy

    I might just have to do this tonight, I think it’s needed. It always seems to work out for the main character doesn’t it? But I guess every hero has an origin story, I believe pressure is said to make diamonds<3

    27 days ago