Madelyn Suen

United States

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Any constructive criticism is welcomed! Note, wrote this about the memory of somebody.


April 20, 2021

You see them
Reach out to them
You feel
    The icy air
        The oxygen
            The silence 
Pressing up against you, suffocating you
Because you can’t breathe
You have to tell your lungs that
Air is not a foreign particle  
You have to tell your ears that 
0 decibels
Isn’t gonna make you go deaf 
Because they are everywhere
And their presence will not go unannounced 
The missing shapes of them
Where they used to be 
Like a cookie cutter cut-out 
They’re punched out from your life
And placed somewhere else
Leaving an empty, empty hole 

Just like that 
You saw them leaving 
You saw the sharpie outlines bleeding
Like when you try to draw a shape too small
And the veins of the ink
Crawl into each other
Caving in on itself 
But they were still there
And although they’re still right there
Right in front of you 
Smiling or something 
You can’t see every single wrinkle anymore
Every shadow and every highlight 

But maybe, maybe if you close your eyes
And imagine hard enough
If you can dig deep enough 
If you can dig like a dog
Frantically, tail wagging, panting
Throwing clouds of dirt behind you as you go
Like throwing clothes out behind you as you look for that one top
You can almost see everything 
You can just nearly hear it all
And their scent feathers your nose 
You can almost feel it too, you can feel their warmth
Like dark chocolate melting in your mouth 
    Enveloping you
        Warm and sweet and
Like hot chocolate 
    So hot that it burns your tongue and
        Skins the inside of your mouth 
           your heart 

Burning it to a substance as fine as
    The grey powder  
As fine as
    The dirt above the box 
Leaving another hole in your life
Another cookie cutter cut-out 


Dark chocolate 
    As dark as the dirt under your fingernails
        As dark as the clouds of dirt that you throw behind you 
            As dark as the six feet of dirt above the 84-inch long box
    and sweet and



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1 Comment
  • aalawrites

    This is amazing. I love the imagery, and the done!

    about 1 year ago