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my pen name is flora kane. i'm sixteen. i'm also a slytherin, infp-t, christian, maladaptive daydreamer, and generally insane. est: 3.30.2018.

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kind of a filler, but i enjoy writing through finn's eyes so... here you go.

she came from english. i was only passing by... {4}

April 14, 2021


the morning rose with gray skies. i pull on boots instead of sneakers in anticipation of coming rain. thinking over the poorly laid out plan in my head, i begin walking toward the english building. harry had two ideas: stalk her on instagram, or go back to where i met her before. i decided to go with the latter, and i didn’t tell him it was actually because i already tried all the social media platforms i could think of. crossing over to the concrete steps, a few people pass me here and there. i stand for a minute, looking around and seeing no one with her smile. settling down to wait, i listen to a windchime in a tree clink out the notes of a birdsong i may have heard before. at the top of the stairs i sit, book in hand, which i didn’t even realize i brought. 1984, george orwell. 

time must’ve passed between opening the pages and the present, though i couldn’t tell. the curse of literature, complete blindness to the surrounding world. the only reason i lifted my head up was because droplets of rain began to fall onto the pages a moment ago. tucked away inside my jacket, the story lives. i stretch, and stand again, thinking of all the possibilities that mitzi likely walked past. 

the rain falls harder now, so i find myself moving quickly down the steps, toward the street where i’ll go back to the dorm. i pause, halfway down, glancing around one last time, hoping that she appears. 

“the forecast said it was going to rain, you know,” a voice states from behind me. i twirl around, coming face to face with a hand holding a bright pink umbrella over us. the hand is attached to a girl, much shorter than me, with dark hair. it’s a pixie cut, which frames her face, an amused smile upon it. i’ve seen that smile before.

“i don’t have one of these,” i reply curtly, suddenly disappointed it wasn’t the girl i’ve actually been looking for. her smile drops, eyes becoming wary as she surveys my face. 

“sorry,” she says, pulling away. i reach out, realizing my mistake. 

“no, i- don’t go,” i say, hoping to stay out of the rain. she stops, water dripping down my back from being half under the umbrella. i step forward. “i’m sorry. i wasn’t thinking.” she rolls her eyes in what i think is agreement.

“what are you doing out here anyway?” 

“i’m trying to find someone, her name is mitzi.” at my words, the girl’s eyes widen. 

“mitzi? she has long blonde hair?” 

“yes, and pretty blue eyes,” i say, surprised and without thinking again. she laughs at the compliment. “do you know her?” 

“she’s my roommate. i can take you to her if you’d like,” she replies with a smile. i nod wildly, knowing she’s seeing right through me already. the rain continues to hit the bright pink umbrella as we walk down the rest of the stairs. 
AAAAAA we're back with a part four!!! this is crazy. i love that i'm still doing these. hopefully you enjoy too:)


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  • doodleninja

    re: thank you so much for your comment! i really appreciate it! so happy the way i portrayed escapism could resonate with you :) <3

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Woohoo yay for giving inspiration- call me Tinkerbell from now and whoosh, I just blew fairy dust all over your page so you gain inspiration to write another because WOW, was this amazing! Aww so sweet and haha I love how you bring in 1984 since my friend the other day tried to explain it to me (since she had just read it) and I was so confused lol.
    "the curse of literature, complete blindness to the surrounding world." was hilarious!
    Also lol, why did I think that the girl with the pixie cut was Mitzi who had just had a hair cut! But wow, fate really seems to love this pair.
    Ooh and I love how you described the umbrella in the ending as well, it gave a sweet sense of ending. And wait, having a pink umbrella, that totally symbolizes how their love isn't over yet!
    (sorry for the late comment, I wasn't on WTW for a whole day! I know, so weird right XD) and also, haha you don't have to give me a link each time, I'll be able to find it but actually, I'm pretty sure even when you repost the link stays the same. It's only when you post an edited version that the link changes. And thank you for taking the time to remind me! :))

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh I absolutely do enjoy these. I'm smiling so widely rn. *happy sigh*

    5 months ago