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Emotions (read footnotes)

April 13, 2021


Of all the things I've learnt, one is clear 
Feelings are for the weak 
You cannot show emotion, or they'll sense it 
The world is harsh, cold and relentless
If only we didn't love 
And hurt ourselves in the process
I know you'd only laugh or jeer 
Why do we have to feel? 
I wish people were a little kinder 
Or a little slower to judge 
You trap out your own feelings 
And then call others weak 
Don't show emotion 
They can sense it in the air 
Don't let them know you're struggling 
It'll only hasten the kill 
Why do you have to shut out your emotions 
And make it all the worse still? 
To be completely clear, when I say not to show emotion, this is part of the character I'm trying to show narrating this. This poem is more a reflection on what the world seems. I guess I'm trying to show how being feminist is hard, when you're trying to not be a stereotypical damsel in distress, but human emotions are natural, and it can hurt to admit that struggle is real. Now I'm starting to ramble and defying my own point, so I'm gonna shut up now. Basically, don't believe anything it says in this poem. Emotions are normal. 


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1 Comment
  • Kasilee

    perks of being a wallflower- "its okay to feel the things you feel, and be who you are about them"
    love your writing! it is so full of emotion, even if it is about not showing emotions, lol.
    Re: thank u so much for the sweet comment, you made my day :)

    28 days ago