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Of Unorthodox Warfare which Possibly Involves Paint

April 14, 2021

1.     Gunshots pounded in her ears as she hid.

2.    Rapid gunfire pounded in her ears as she hid behind an old rusty car. She could hear the cries of fallen comrades around her. A figure dashed out in front of her, leaving an open space, the perfect place to run to. This was her moment.

3.    Rapid gunfire punched her eardrums. She crouched behind a rusty car in the junkyard, that gravesite of mangled metal. The cool, unfamiliar feeling of a gun was strange in her hand, a new sensation. Her breath fogged the ancient black mask she wore, and she tucked an unruly strand of hair back behind one ear.
   The pained cries of wounded teammates and comrades assaulted her. Her heart pounded dangerously.
   A black-clad figure was crouched behind a pile of branches a few feet in front of her. She knew that soldier. A talented warrior, a veteran.
   When the figure dashed away, the girl behind the car took a deep breath and bolted. She slid around and knelt under the protection of the pile of branches, waiting.
   An enemy showed himself behind more mountains of rusted metal.
   Behind the branches, the girl aimed and fired, releasing a spray of ammo.
   A volley of bullets was returned to her. Suddenly, a burning pain shot up her arm. Garish yellow paint blossomed on her camo sleeve.
   She groaned, stood, and raising her gun, walked off the battlefield with a wry smile, receiving high fives from other paint-splattered warriors.
Yes, that was about paintball. Who doesn't love paintball? Anyway, have a blessed evening! -R.W.


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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    This is so good, I totally thought that they were in the middle of a war, the twist was brilliant!!!

    23 days ago