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Like A Love Song ~ chapter four

April 13, 2021


I watch the typing bubbles for a couple seconds before forcing myself to put my phone away. The hyungs were getting suspicious. After y/n left, I told the driver to go to namjoon-hyung's apartment, where all the guys were waiting.
Once a week, we take turns at our apartments to watch an American movie or show. This was to help improve our English, as well as letting us hang out without our professors and parents over our shoulders about different things.
This week, Namjoon-hyung chose the movie. It was this movie, Inception. Honestly, it kind of went over my head the first time I saw it, so I was hoping that this time it would make more sense. If y/n kept texting, though, I won't be able to focus AT ALL. As if summoned, my phone buzzes. I inwardly groan, knowing that if I keep spending so much time on my phone, they'll know something is up. But if I don't, it will kill me, not knowing what they said. Screw it, I decide, and pull out my phone, opening the screen up to our message thread. 
lolll jimin-ssi don't be mad
but you were wearing only black and white
you looked like a grandpa with your basic fashion sense.
I laughed out loud, drawing everyone's attention. Hoseok jumps up, and faster than I can say lachimolala, he has my phone in his hand. He gives me a mischievous look and then announces:
"Yah! Everyone! Jimin-ah has a girl in his phoneeee." He waves my phone around like a flag, and there is a bunch of cheering from the guys. I roll my eyes and stand to get my phone back, but he's standing on the couch and I can't reach from here. I play dirty and tackles Hobi-hyung's feet, throwing him off balance and forcing him to the ground. I grab my phone, successful, and let my guard down. This was a huge mistake, as Jungkook takes my phone and pins my arm to the ground. I angrily sigh and hit his arm, but he just grins at me and looks at the screen.
"She called you a grandpa??" He says, incredulous. He turns to look at Yoongi-hyung, who's watching this unfold with crossed arms and a small smile. "But that's HIS title?" Jungkook turns back to my screen and continues reading. As I struggle against this unfairly muscled bunny, my phone vibrates. Kookie's eyebrows go up and he quietly hands me back my phone. Confused, I look at the screen.
Jimin-ah, where are you? We should talk soon!
I sigh, already dreading this conversation. Last time, she needed money. The time before last, her laundry needed to be brought to the cleaners. She never wants to see me unless she needs something. I close my phone and sit back on the couch. The guys settle down, seeing my mood, and Jin-hyung quietly unpauses the movie and we continue to watch it. I watch the movie, but I'm not paying attention. Instead, I'm thinking about what my mom could need me to do now.


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  • ChimChim_1

    OMG, I cant ¨Muscle Bunny¨ XDXD and we all know J-hope would be quick to snatch up Jimins phone lol

    26 days ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    Re: haha, yes!! I love seeing different perspectives! And yeah, I bet it has! XD
    Ooh, that’s cool! I order mine from Amazon actually.

    26 days ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    AH, I really got so excited when I saw it was Jimin’s POV!! XD OH MY GOSH HOBI JUST YESSS! I could see it so clearly, and there’s my Kookie too! <33333 I love it!
    Re: ooh, that sounds great! I’m well, actually watching a movie (kinda) right now. Also, thank you so much about my picture! :) It’s from a poster in my room. I wanted Jimin in a pic too, but he was standing on the other side from JK and Tae, so i couldn’t have the three together.

    26 days ago