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Like A Love Song ~ chapter two

April 12, 2021


"Um, excuse me, but can I use this car?" His voice was unusual. It was husky, but not deep in the way some voices are. (cough cough KIM TAEHYUNG). Emily furrowed her brows and looked at him. His face was mostly obscured, with a black hat and a white face mask. He was wearing a white shirt with an oversized sherpa jacket, black jeans, and black and white sneakers. "Please, miss? I really need a ride." You open your mouth, but Emily shoots you an evil glance and responds before you can.
"Of course! My friend is in there, but she won't mind. I'll just take another uber." Her korean was broken and she had a little accent, but she was so focused on getting him in the car with you that she wasn't even self-conscious. The man gets in and waves at you awkwardly. You smile at him, albeit a little weirdly, and give Emily a look that says, "When I get back to the hotel, I will kill you for putting me in this situation with a faceless man." Or something along those lines.
Emily closes the door behind him and cheerfully waves at the window, then runs off to where Jaxson and Mark were. You see them talking when the car pulls away and starts driving.
"Where to?" The driver asks, looking in the rearview mirror to make eye contact with you.
"The Fairfield Marriott hotel in Seoul, please." You sit back and try your hardest to not look at the man, but you fail. When you look over at him, you realize that he was taken off his mask and was reaching up to take off his hat. He runs his hands through his hair and looks over at you. You blush, realizing you've been staring. Not that you could really be blamed for it. The man was ethereal. He smiles at you, and your heart starts to race. NOT A GOOD SIGN, you yelled at yourself. You quickly look away and decide to not look at him for the rest of the drive. Unfortunately, the man had other plans.
"Um, hi?" You look at him. He now has a slight blush, and a hesitant smile is playing on his lips. "I'm Jimin," he laughs awkwardly and holds out his hand. You laugh too and place your hand in his. 
"I'm y/n. Nice to meet you!" You shake his hand and smile at each other. Jimin looks at you and at your hand, as if realizing he's still holding it. He shakes his head and releases it, bowing his head. "Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to enter your car, but your friend-" You nod and sigh at Emily. You are so going to kill her when you see her again. Even if this guy is potentially the most beautiful thing God has ever created.
"No, it's ok! Honestly! My friend, she just, um-" you weren't entirely sure what to say about Emily, but Jimin saves you from stuttering by nodding vigorously. 
"No, I completely get it. I have these friends, Hoseok and Jungkook, who love to put me in awkward positions. It's like they've made it their full time job to make me uncomfortable." He says, laughing. You laugh too, admiring the way his eyes squinch together when he throws his head back.
"YES! Mine too, I swear!" You both start laughing again. You think to yourself, maybe this thing won't be so bad after all.
When you get to your hotel, Jimin looks at you and says your name before you open the car door.
"Hmm, y/n-ah? I actually really liked this. Um, do you think that, uh," You laughed to yourself, watching the poor man stumble over himself. Your first impression of a handsome confident man wasn't wrong, but he was just so self conscious now. He continued, "I guess, what I'm asking is, can I get your number? Since you'll be here for another semester, at least?" You nod and hand him your phone, where he enters his number.
When he finishes, he waves at you. "Bye y/n-ah!" "Bye Jimin-ssi!" He laughs at that; he told you to call him oppa in the car, but you refused, feeling weird at the intimacy. You watch the uber drive away, then turn and face the hotel, luggage by your side. You weren't nearly as mad at Emily as before, but you were still gonna act like you had the worst time, just to torture her. That was going to be difficult, though, when you still had a stupid smile on your face from Jimin's antics. Aish, that guy, you thought. Already playing with my feelings.


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  • ChimChim_1

    Ngl If I was Emily I would do the same thingXDXD

    about 1 month ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    AHHH JIMINNNNNNN! Wowwww! You portrayed our boy so perfectly! I got so excited when it said his name, and when he mentioned Hobi and JK!!!! <333 I’m already in love with how you characterize them! Amazing job!

    about 1 month ago