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hi people ~
yes i am a girl,
i'm 13 (turning 14)
an absolute bookworm, consuming books at a surprising speed
i read pretty much all books
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1. Maybe against the world, but never against my own heart which makes me a free spirit but then also a believer of justice and truth.
2. i look, and i do see

my sad life

April 11, 2021


Why give birth to me?
If you don't even want me?

I know you love me,
but you can't deny you don't like me.
not as much 
as we all hope you can.

Just shutup!
and get out of my room.
Why did you come in,
if you know very well coming in
will only result in another fight?
you always despite my messiness,
then why come in?
actually, my room isn't
that messy. It's just
not as tidy as you hope.

You take away my right to sigh,
is that not enough?
A single sigh would result
in an entire lecture.
But i can't!
i just can't be happy about everything.
in fact, no one can.
What is wrong with a tiny little sigh?
If i did what i was told to do anyway?

I cried myself to sleep,
because i am living
but sometimes i hope i'm not.
I am only
living now, for other people.
People other than you

Call me sensitive,
or whatever you wish.
i care,
but it doesn't matter anymore.

and when you lecture me,
you say that is why
these people in my class
are so mean to
and laugh at me.
but you don't even know 
what actually happens with them!
i swear to god
i did nothing,
and made no speech.
merely putting my mac on the table
would result in them imitating me
in a mean way.
so stop speaking about
those that you don't know.

I know you all
don't like me.
So why require me to 
love you all?
Yes, i do love you,
but only because you are
my parents. nothing
to do with personal attractions.
I'm really sorry, if this ruins your happy day guys. 
Yes i know there is a prompt called home.
but this isn't home.
not anymore.
i have made up my mind, to go to university elsewhere. 
Probably Germany, since that's the furtherest i could go.
I will try to make more progress in German.
to get away from all these.


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  • IDk-2

    Very well written, and a very impactful message! I love how we can assume the antagonist in the first half, but they are named at the end. It adds a layer of complexity and elegance. I hope things get better soon.

    13 days ago
  • aaliyahh

    i very much relate to this...and you wrote it very good <3

    25 days ago