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Dallas Roberts

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May 15, 2015

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Number of dogs I have had: 4. Number of tears I've cried: 1,948,948,852 (mostly from laughing.) Number of houses I've lived in: 9. Number of tornadoes I've lived through: 1. Number of "first loves" I've had: 4. Number of softball games I have played: 203. Number of strikeouts I've had: 73. Number of times I stole home: 51. Number of times I've hit a home run: 0. Number of times I thought I was going to: all of them. Number of times I've cried because we lost: 2. Number of times I bruised my legs: 1,002. Number of practices I have thrown up in: 1. Number of times I have missed someone: everyday. Number of times I have laughed: 2 million. Number of times I said "I love you": 3 billion. Number of times I have failed: 207. Number of times I have fallen down: 708. Number of times I got back up. 709.


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