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Escapril stuff

April 12, 2021



blow your head up to the size of a hot air balloon and watch it burst
spewing blood and pride and flesh
and laugh and clean your hands on the feathers of a dove
stretch your bloated bones and pick tough skin from between your teeth

chuckle at the resounding shock waves
from your branded industrial boots
mourn only the ants that weren't lucky enough
to sacrifice themselves for you

(blow your head up to the size of a hot air balloon and float away - maybe then they'll call you 'god' without bitter disdain)


Edge of a precipice
Battered body, battered bones
You perch 
In the exact middle
Between two deaths ;

Air here is still as death 
Sighing softly without a sound 
You etch a circle in your mind 
Circles are safe 
And madness 

Cackle madly 
Hug your knees
In the exact middle 
Nothing can touch you 
No one passes the circle 
You etch in your head 

You crouch in your head
In the exact middle between two deaths
Nothing can touch you but 
Nothing can touch you
Silent slumber and battered breaths
Maybe you will sleep yourself to death


Timeless ticking from the clock on the wall 
Dust masking each breath like a shroud
Sink into thick carpet the colour of blood 
Run a fingernail across the grime in the wall Metre high words scratched into gilt glass
Strange shapes in the ceiling in-layed with gold 
Doorways too high and windows too tall  It is empty here
Except for 
Except for a child 
In faded flower print
Straggly hair pulled into pigtails 
Nails bitten right down 
Footsteps silent
Eyes wide 
She whispered, barely audible 
Can I go home?     


​Do you ever feel yourself     

Skin sinking into sky 
Tight lipped smile stretching 
Like the air?  

Do you ever feel yourself  


Like tears seeping into skin
Dark eyes   

Becoming darker? ;

You are fading 


Light blue silk swirling in a washing machine 
Poems written in pencil on the breeze 
Picture perfect Polaroids left in the sun;  

You are fading 
You fear, and anticipate, the day when someone will stare   

Right through you   


So tell me when your lonely
When the walls are way too white
Tell me when you feel nothing, only
Aching grey like endless night  

I'll show up at your house at dawn
Paint your ceiling like the stars
Tell me when your soul is torn
And Ill fix the cracks with sad guitar
Let me paint your room bright yellow
Scrawl I love you in luminous blue
By the light of the moon, sonnet 18, othello
And I'll baptise your skin in ever hue  

So when you're lonely tell me, whatever the weather
And I'll fly with paints and prayers, and we'll be lonely together          


If I lie in the grass
Long enough
Perhaps a seagull will come and pluck out my liver  

Or the grass will grow into my veins
I wish to tesselate 
To place roots from the soles of my feet into the soil 
To become one with the sky 
A constant flock of birds in formation 
Blending into blue 
Fish becoming the sea becoming wings becoming nothing 
And everything   

I wish to tessellate 
With the universe
And yet  

I wish to reject the sky 
Become a dash of yellow paint among the sea 
Flight among fish 
Water on the moon 
Maybe if I lie on the grass
Long enough 
The grass will lift me skywards
And the seagull will flee  

Oh shit 
I wish to confirm yet 
Be non conforming 
To blend in the most atrocious colours 
Let me be in the flock but let me
Fly diagonal in a gaping scar that ruins the poster in my maths classroom wall  


Humanity at is very essence is paradoxical Ineffable, corruptible, miniscule, consuming, destroying, creating, heavenly, hellish, paradoxical
Paint deadly nightshade red and call it a rose
Stain the sun with ink and call it a black hole
Bleed upon a bed of posies
Dance upon the dark side of the moon 

DAY 11

And a man ran naked into the street
Jumping up and down
Or so the tale goes   

And the problems solved 
A second before the bomb blows
Or so the movies go 
And the universe unfolds
Secrets unveiled by a daydreaming mind 
Or so the history goes    

Eureka I did it 
I found it
We're safe
We're saved 
I know the answer 
We know every secret

I'm waiting for my eureka
Waiting to rise from the grave 
The universe on my lips and a map in my hand   

Let me stop this slowly ticking time bomb before it explodes
Burying me in monotonous rubble and turning my body to stone 
Let me find a door in this locked room
Before the water creeps through the cracks
And drowns me in oblivion   

Let me be an eureka 
A genius with strange quirks 
I'll run naked into the streets 
If that would give me worth.          


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  • nolongeractive

    This piece is amazing!! You are so talented. I really love your word choice and meaningful metaphors in it.

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    WOW! You really did amazing with these prompts and created something so unique each time. Your imagery is perfect! My favourites are day 3, 8, and 9

    6 months ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Re: No problem!:3:3

    6 months ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Y A S S I love the way you describe each one!!:3:3

    6 months ago