New Zealand

life can be hard so be kind.

why can't it stay? this peace.

April 13, 2021


as the seconds pass by,
I realizes that I might miss 
this unexplainable waiting
If only it could stay like this
peaceful, but it can't 
soon I will be alone
and the deed will be done. 
Will I regret?
I can't
not really 
until the last second
maybe I should reconsider
but I had made up my mind a while ago


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  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    re: its good, its fine either way
    also this may or may not have nothing to do with your feelings right now but imma say it anyway:
    there is so much worth living for even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes. look for the little things: paint jars, willow trees, peaches, etc. also, you got up this morning, you took that step, you did it. just use that willpower from this morning to push through to the next day and the next and you will find yourself I promise
    we're all lost sometimes, maybe even all the time, but we're in this together, I promise you that

    28 days ago
  • BizzleWrites

    Re: Yeah, it's a joke. I can't quite remember but I think my friend started it, and now I always say it.

    28 days ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    do you need to vent or chat?
    im here for you :D

    28 days ago