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Like A Love Song ~ chapter one

April 12, 2021


Let's set the scene. You're nineteen. You're a sophomore in college, studying Mass Communications at Arizona State University in the States. You've lived in Colorado all of your life, and moved out when you got accepted. You were just given the opportunity to study abroad for your spring semester, which you were so very excited about. Ok, now that that's settled, let's get into the action.
Sitting in the lobby of the office, you twist one of your rings around your index finger nervously. After weeks of waiting, you were finally going to be told where you were going to be studying.  Since the entire program was paid for by the college, you weren't able to choose where you wanted to go, but there were only three places open for this semester. Spain, Australia, and South Korea. With these drastically different options, you had no idea which one you wanted more. Just as long as I get to go somewhere, you thought to yourself.
You were called to the front desk. The woman there smiled at you and hands you the paperwork.
"Well, sweetheart. I don't want to get your hopes up, but I heard they've decided on Spain." Your heart soars. You had seen so many beautiful pictures of Spain. You return the smile and sit back down, beginning to mechanically fill out the papers. 
When you finish, you hand the woman the papers and she tells you that you will receive an email informing you where you will be spending the next few months. You nod and walk out into the open air. On your walk back to your dorm, your phone vibrates. An email from the study abroad program. You smile excitedly and open it. 
Hi Y/F/N,
I hope you are doing well today! The weather we've been having hasn't been our best, but hopefully, it will become sunny and normal again! We are pleased to announce that this semester's trip will be taking place in Spain this year. However, only a certain amount of people can attend this, and all spots have already been filled. We do want you to stay as involved as possible, so we are considering sending a small group of students to South Korea, our second option. The group would be no more than four people, but would you be willing to attend? Thank you so much for your interest, and we hope to see you soon!
Nicole Louque
You smile at your phone. This woman was insane if she thought you were going to say no to anything out of this country. Traveling was amazing, regardless of where you were.
You walk through the airport, searching for Gate B when Emily comes up to you. She smiles at you and shows you her pretzel she got from a kiosk.
"Look at this thing!!! The guy gave it to me for free because he said he liked my fit." She giggles and takes a bite of her soft pretzel. She sighs contently. "Now, this might be worth all the packing I did for Korea." You rolled your eyes and smiled softly. You and Emily had been on the same dorm floor your freshman year, and y'all just kept in contact. She was the funny outgoing loud girl who everyone knew but somehow only had 200 followers on Insta. You, on the other hand, were exactly like that, except slightly edgier and less outgoing. 
By edgy, I don't mean the "wattpad original" edgy. I just mean that you have a different aesthetic. Your left ear is pierced pretty heavily, but your right ear just has two piercings. You're not the "emo" or "goth" girl by any means, but if Emily represents the color yellow, you were dark orange. The same, just not as bright.
You are able to find your gate without any issues and you meet up with the other three students who are coming with you on the trip: Mark, Jaxson, and Nicki. You exchange smiles and sit, Jaxson on one side, Emily on the other. Y'all sit in companionable silence as you wait for your plane to be called.
Once you're on the plane, you sigh and look around. Emily is sitting to your left and on her left is Nicki. You had the aisle seat, across from Mark, who sat next to Jaxson.
(another time skip to when you're at the korean airport bc i need to finish this chapter but i also need to finish my paper)
You get off the plane and you are in the lobby, staring at the hundreds of people milling around, all attending to their own business. You slowly turn in a circle, marveling at the difference between your old home and your new one. Once you're done with the sightseeing, you and the group walk out to the parking lot with your baggage. You decide to take three separate ubers. You get into one and Emily is about to get in with you when she's stopped by a random man.
hi beautiful people! so i've been writing this on wattpad, but I've decided to also post this here, at the request of Rohan's Defender. it's very simply a reader x jimin fanfiction, so it's y/n and all that good stuff. I'm a little embarrassed to put this out here, but here we are. 
if you're not an army, or if you don't read fanfiction, this probably isn't for you haha. have an amazing day my loves :)


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  • ChimChim_1

    Y E S tell me why when I read Mark and Jackson my mind went to Got7 XDXD

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Loll- I only just got to the footnotes now- so I don’t read fan fiction but I did really enjoy this!! Second person is always really hard to write in but you did really well. I love how you started off by setting the scene cause that was really cool and comparing the friends to yellow and orange was so awesome!!

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    I LOVE IT SO FAR! I’m seriously so excited to see where this goes, oh my gosh! And I’m so flattered for the mention in the footnotes! Also, I love how it’s so personal to the reader; it helps you get immersed so much! :) I’m so glad you decided to post it!!!
    Re: yayayyyy I’m so excited to read the rest of this!!!! Also, my call went great, thank you! :) how’re you today?

    6 months ago