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"& your heart's a thousand colors but they're all shades of blue"

spring / de nuevo

April 15, 2021

bloody moon swells over hill street & it’s red & red & red.
        sky wilts like flayed pig skin & it’s red.
air rises thick & sweet & slippery & it’s red like hard candy. 
        peppermint stripes in cellophane.

a girl lives on cedar lane in the basin of a kettle stained scarlet.
        the motorcycles spit & the corn crows cough & the streetlamps
always shake all scratched & yellow. grandma’s rose wallpaper is 
        peeling & april is a storm. 

mosquitoes buzz in pools of honey on granite & cigarette smoke
        curls from the sewers. again & again & again the
sky glows red in the night & again the girl watches. listens. interstate 
        ripping through alleyways & december soup gone cold.

sun like a wailing baby. sun like a bloated cantaloupe, sun like
        a quarter crushed under a rainboot, she says. not a metaphor anymore,
not some great big belly of some great big beast. just red. 
        only red.

she sees another girl in the storefront window in may & the
        fat skin on her cheek billows raw & flushed & pink. she bites 
her bruised gums. (purple & purple & purple). bush plane barrels overhead 
        & the city air stinks of salted braise & chicken broth.

the june fireflies are humming elegies in sticky rain. they tell
        her it’s a sin & the girl is a ghost. teetering a line. here & there.
when you say one word over & over & over
        again it looses its meaning.

so she shouts. she screams. redredredredredredredredred.
        dull red. bright red. red like cheeks. red like blood.
red like how they say it’s a sin. red like home. 
        red like how spring comes again & again & again (de nuevo, mi amor). 

red like how everything goes back to where it comes from someday. 
        perhaps into the belly of some great big beast.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Terrifyingly incredible

    25 days ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    I cannot express how much I love this. Truly incredible. I could feel each word reverberating through me as I read

    25 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    woahhhh chilling. i love love love this!!

    25 days ago